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The Power of Connections

Banjo Knits Empowerment LLC intentionally weaves together ideas and actions that increase access and knowledge to create inclusive communities.  Services offered include Community Development & Organizing, Entrepreneurial Empowerment and Mindfulness & Patience Knitting Instruction.



Linking your goals to the next level

Community Development
& Organizing

Create intentional relationships by establishing, linking, and maintaining new and existing points of connection for residents of all ages 

  • Community Connection Consultation

  • Community Circles (Restorative Justice Practice)

Entrepreneurial Empowerment

Through participating in Diversity Markets: learn, develop, and hone foundational skills and knowledge to increase connections between business, resources, and opportunities.

  • South District Diversity Market Management

Mindfulness & Patience Knitting

Discover and explore opportunities to grow your capacity as an individual who practices being the change you seek starting with your own two hands and under the guidance of a TKGA Master Knitter.

Individual or small groups lessons are available by appointment. Participants must bring their own supplies and work on projects between classes. Payment is made upon registration of class. ALL ages--youth and adult--welcome (youth age 9+ suggested).

  • Mindfulness & Patience: Novice Knit 101 Class

  • Creating a Feedback Loop: Beginner Cowl

  • Changing Behavior I: Beginner Hat

  • Changing Behavior II: Intermediate Cabled Hat

  • Connecting the Pieces I: Beginner Mittens

  • Connecting the Pieces II: Intermediate Sweater

  • Collaboration in Motion: Advanced Socks


Hi! I am Angie Jordan, a native Iowa Citian who has been part of this community for over 30 years.  My pronouns are she, her, hers and I identify racially as Mixed.  My family nickname is Banjo.  In 2012, while working full-time, I started my own small business in knitting instruction to supplement my income.  Today, I use what I know from my first-hand experience as an entrepreneur, stitch it together with the training from my day jobs and weave them into an effort that provides sustained support for those looking to make strong connections towards their goals.

I am the founder and director of Banjo Knits Empowerment LLC.  As a graduate of Williams College, my educational background is in cultural anthropology and psychology with a cognitive focus.  My work experience is a blend of community development, social work, program coordination, and group facilitation with youth and adults.

For almost 15 years within my professional and personal life, I have spearheaded neighborhood revitalization, youth empowerment, economic development, and community building efforts within the Iowa City area.

As an independent consultant through Banjo Knits Empowerment LLC, I intentionally weave together ideas and action to increase access and knowledge to create inclusive communities.

I am a connector, an ecosystem builder, a Strategic Doing practitioner, and a TKGA Master Knitter.  I creatively link, leverage, and meld connections between existing resources and my client's goals.  Together we create new patterns and opportunities that are interwoven and bound to strengthen the resiliency of our community.




Angie Jordan has proven herself to be a tireless, passionate and tenacious professional who cares deeply about neighborhood organizing, successfully orchestrating dozens of projects and events that have connected the residents through the annual Diversity Market, Bike to Books: A Little Free Library Adventure, Harvest Feast, Team Up to Clean Up, National Night Out and Craft Circles. Most significantly, the “Our Children Spoke” mural along Broadway Street became a reality due to her successful fundraising drive and skills in coordinating all components of this 4,400 sq. ft. South District neighborhood mural 
Marcia Bollinger
City of Iowa City Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator 



Let’s Work Together


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